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Welcome to Bettse's website!

Bettse Folsom is a freelance photojournalist who lives in Kansas City, Kansas.

Besides her photography work, she writes for local newspaper and magazine syndicates. She is passionate about her writing and photography and loves to share odd tales she discovers through nature, history, traveling, computers, and politics. She is sharing some of her favorite photographic work in "Captured Moments," a floating exhibit that has been featured at the Alcott Art Center and many Kansas City, Kansas Public Libraries.

Her manuscripts and photographs are published on a weekly basis in the Wyandotte Publishing Group syndicate's newspapers, and she has been published for restaurant and travel columns as well as other articles in Kansas Media One, (part of the GateHouse Media syndication). Other publications have been The Dotte Magazine, At Ease Magazine, GateHouse Magazine, American Fitness, Reunion Magazine, Birds and Blooms, and several times in Kansas Traveler Magazine.

From Ireland to Maine to Colorado and local spots in the Greater Kansas City area, she demonstrates her love for life and nature and the quirks of human nature.

Bettse is available for assignments and can be contacted by e-mail or telephone at 816-665-9828.

Don't be afraid to shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will fall among the stars . . .

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