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Captured Moments

These pictures you are viewing are nothing more than simply moments captured in time. No moment will ever be the same again in exactly the same way. No preparation is ever going to reproduce the opportunity to find something this unique again. All of these pictures are original to the eye and to the moment.

For example, the primate photograph entitled “Dining in Style,” which can be seen in the exhibit, could have easily been re-named “Magnificent Accident.” This picture was taken and developed before it was clearly identified that the reflection in the mirror at the zoo created the impression that the condiments on the table in the dining room was reflected in perfect coordination to the primate’s lap . . . as if he was ‘dining in style.’

I hope you enjoy these ‘Captured Moments’ as much as I enjoyed the moments that were captured.

Photographs on this page will change periodically. Please check back to see new pictures available.

Last updated 2009